About Grévin Montréal

Grévin Montréal is the natural result of a long partnership between Québec and France. The Montréal satellite was a lynchpin in the French institution’s international expansion and growth.

Established on the fifth floor of Montréal’s Eaton Centre, on Sainte-Catherine Street, the biggest commercial artery in Canada, the museum is integral to downtown Montréal’s dynamic cultural scene. By selecting Montréal as the first location for international development, the Grévin hopes to become essential to the city’s rich cultural fabric.

In order to showcase the best in entertainment, the museum’s setup was designed by Franco-Québécois experts in the field. Dick Walsh and Julien Bertevas (CDA Production), Moment Factory, Patrice Peyrieras, De Pinxi, Dushow, Europea and many others have all contributed to the design of this cultural hub.

These numerous collaborations underscore Grévin’s mission to bring together French and Québécois know-how and expertise in order to create a well-designed and extraordinary destination. With its original décor, ambiance, interactive and sensory experiences, and 120 wax figures including local and international stars from the past and present, the Grévin gives the public the chance to meet the stars.

The museum was inaugurated on April 17, 2013.