Frequently asked questions

In what languages is information displayed?

We provide information in both English and French.

Is Grévin air-conditioned?

YES, our entire facility is air-conditioned.

Who is Grévin Montréal intended for?

Grévin Montréal is an absolute must-see for anyone from 5 to 105!

Do you offer discounted rates?

YES. Grévin offers discounted rates for children, youths/students, seniors and families. You must present valid ID at time of purchase to get discounts.

How long does an average tour last?

The average tour lasts about 90 minutes.

Is Wi-Fi available at Grévin?

YES, we provide free Wi-Fi access.

Is Grévin accessible to people with reduced mobility?

YES, Grévin Montréal is accessible to everyone including those with reduced mobility. 

Can we take photos or make videos while visiting Grévin?

YES. You’re welcome to use cameras and video recorders inside the Grévin Museum. In fact, we encourage you to take photos next to your favourite celebrities on display. It’s a great way to make your family album absolutely fabulous!

Where can i buy tickets?

You can buy them on our website or at directly at any cash.

How do you provide details on the different personalities on display?

You can get a ton of information on all the Grévin Montréal personalities thanks to various multimedia tools such as QR codes and NFC chips.