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Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cartier

A fun-filled tour full of discovery


Grévin Montreal is a great way to introduce your students to important historical figures and key personalities from local and international current events. Through a free or a guided tour, Grévin offers a unique opportunity to learn while having fun!

Prepare and make your visit more fun with our teaching and activites guide. You can download them by clicking on the link of your choice. Elementary guide or High School guide.

Here are the answers for Elementary and High School

Our main objective at the museum is stimulating everyone’s curiosity. That’s why we provide an audio-visual environment that awakens your senses and draws you into a truly one-of-a-kind ambiance. We promise you’ll learn tons of interesting facts about more than 120 public figures as you explore our eight different sets in an intuitive tour of discovery. It’ll definitely be fun for your students and it’ll be fun for you, too!

The museum is also committed to sharing the Grévin know-how so we provide visitors with the opportunity to take part in an interactive activity where they can create their own wax figures.

Don’t miss your chance to rub elbows with some of the greatest people in history! 


A lunch space at your disposal

If required, a space is available free of charge and subject to availability (limited capacity). Lunch boxes can also be ordered via our inter-mission partner. Information and rates available at the time of booking.



Grévin Montreal has partnered with other institutions to offer a reduced rate for school groups. All these institutions are located a short walk away from the Musée Grévin.


ATRIUM Le 1 000 Package 

This unique indoor skating rink invites you to lace up your skates and glide to the lively beat of music year-round. With the sun rays shining through the immense glass dome above the Atrium Le 1000 stands out; it is located on the main floor of Montreal’s and the Quebec province’s tallest building!

Inaugurated in 1992, the skating rink has brought delight and sparkle to the city’s business district. For families, students and tourists, the Atrium Le 1000 fascinates and encourages the discovery of the joys and passion surrounding the popular northern sport of ice skating.



The McCord Museum celebrates our Montreal past and present time - our history, our people, our communities. The smart museum that stirs thoughts and opinions partners with Grévin so the youth can discover the wax characters of the New France pionneers who built this town but also the contemporary wax figures from here and abroad.



Board the Cavalier Maxim in the Old Port and enjoy an educational cruise! Discover the secrets of the river and its wildlife thanks to the boat’s costumed guides. It is also possible to choose a fun cruise with the presence of a DJ, who will turn the boat into a real dance floor (an occasion to throw a disco or a back to school party!)         



The Place Ville Marie Observatory allows you to admire Montreal in 360 ° and to discover the traces of its history in the urban landscape at over 185 meters high. An educational tour located on the top floor of Place Ville Marie, an iconic skyscraper, sheltered from the weather. Elementary students will be able to learn more about Montreal through our playful educational guide, while high school students will be able to test their knowledge of the city by taking up the challenge offered by our two Quiz 360.




   Information and  reservations : + 1514-788-5210 ext 2224  I scolaires@grevin-montreal.com   

   Discover the world of Grévin

Did you know?

The birth of a wax figure uses the work of fifteen artists: sculptor, moulder, makeup, costume ... Measurements, photos and videos are taken at the first appointment with personality, no detail is left to chance. Six months later, the day of the final confrontation at the inauguration, the resemblance must be troubling.

  • As many as 500,000 hairs may be needed for one head.
  • Every year the workshop uses 100kg of wax, 70 tubes of oil paint for make-up and 5km of sewing thread!