Workshops & activities

Get the most out of your visit at Grévin with these workshops



Guided tour
Discover historical and fun facts about over 120 personalities! Learn about their achievements, the meeting of certain celebrities with their double, or event about the process of fabrication and maintenance of a wax figure.

A free visit is proposed immediately after the guided tour, for no additional charges. It’s the perfect moment to take pictures with your favourite stars!

Length: About 2h (1h for the guided tour + 1h for the free tour).

How to create a wax character
This free of charge short conference will go through each of the steps required to create a wax statue. From the creation of the face, the hands, the wrinkles, to the hair implant, the eye-ball design you will learn everything there is to know. Length 15mns


From Donnacona to Jimi Hendrix; Discovery of aboriginal culture

In this workshop, participants will discover the wealth of the Algonquin and Iroquoian cultures and meet a few historical figures who marked the First Nations. Young people will learn to decode the symbolism of their clothes and the meaning of their songs, tattoos and accessories and hear stories little known to the general public. Length 30 mns

Presented by: Sylvain Rivard, artist, author and illustrator specialist in First Nations’ arts and cultures

20 people minimum 


Prima Danse: Mixed genders awareness workshop
  • Thematic dance workshop

Grévin Montreal and Prima Danse o‑er the opportunity for children to express themselves and to develop their awareness regarding basic issues (intimidation, self-armation, homosexuality and hyper-sexualization). No prior dance skills required.

20 people minimum


  • Body language workshop / Thematic games on celebrities

A red carpet ambiance for a thematic workshop where children will play imitation games and music trivia about the museum and its famous personalities!

30 people minimum



Chandel’Art: Wax handling workshop
Children will have the chance to build their own souvenir from Grévin Montreal by decorating a candle. This workshop about wax handling will allow the children to express themselves and to explore their creativity in a new way.

15 people minimum




Discover the Grévin Worlds

The Discovery Tour

One of our many exhibits will let you to take a close look at the Grévin workshops where you’ll learn all the secrets of the trade as we reveal the different steps we take in creating a wax figure. And once you’re in the know you can make a statue of yourself by scanning your face using one of our special multimedia devices. Grévin Montréal is the place to go for a one-of-a-kind experience that will stimulate all your senses.

Did you know?

The creation of a waxwork involves over fifteen different artists: sculptors, casters, make-up specialists, costume designers...

The first appointment with the celebrity is for measurements, photos, and videos so that nothing is left to chance. Six months to eight months later, on the day of final reckoning, when the statue is introduced to the public, the likeness must be uncanny.

  • As many as 500,000 may be needed for one head.
  • Every year the workshop uses 100kg of wax, 70 tubes of oil paint for make-up and 5km of sewing thread!

Making of a waxwork

Julie Payette
Julie Payette

Unforgettable memories and a thrill ride of a tour

More than 120 past and present celebrities from Quebec, Canada, France and the rest of the world are waiting to take some awesome photos with you in one of our museum’s eight amazing sets. Mingle with music superstar Céline Dion, hockey great Patrick Roy,  beloved Quebec singer and actress Ginette Reno and many others. Grévin Montréal is like a huge pop-up history book that is guaranteed to make learning fun.

Unforgettable PICTURES

In the Grévin, some of the scenes conceal startling surprises: next to some of the figures, costumes and accessories are available to visitors.Children and adults can dress up in chain mail, robes, sunglasses, capes and crowns and even a cocked hat!

For little girls, dreams come true with a Miss Grévin sash and crown posing next to Geneviève de Fontenay! Don’t forget your camera!