50 Years of Costumes
September 17, 2018

EXPO BYE BYE,  50 years of costumes

October 24th to January 6th 2019

Catch some laughs, get into character and relive some of Quebec’s greatest moments with Expo Bye Bye — 50 Years Of Costumes. The exhibition captures 50 years of tradition, some uncontrollable laughter and unforgettable characters. Indeed, over a fifty-year period, countless sketches and characters have become part of our collective memories.  Bye Bye – 50 ans de costumes will bring these memories to life through a collection of exclusive costumes, some of which were kept hidden for decades until today. Whether you go with friends or as a family, this is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with some of the greatest talents in Quebec show business; to experience, one more time, the sketches that sparked our imaginations and to play the part of your favourite personalities.  

“Bye Bye — 50 ans de costumes“: An exhibition you will not want to miss, until January 6th 2019! 


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