November 24, 2017

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives at Grévin Montreal

More than two years after his election as Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is set to make his debut at Grévin Montreal. Unanimously chosen by the Grévin Academy, Justin Trudeau will stand next to influential politicians such as Barack Obama, Charles de Gaulle, René Levesque and his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the Hotel Grévin room.

For the first time in our museum’s history, the 10 members of Grévin Academy, including president Marc Laurendeau, all wanted the same public figure to enter the Grévin family. The Prime Minister was an obvious choice because of his worldwide popularity and because of the open mind and modernity that his peers admire so much.

In Marc Laurendeau’s words, “the jury’s choice was easy. Justin Trudeau’s charm, youth and charisma have given Canada a new image all over the world. More controversial in his home country, Justin Trudeau was underestimated by his opponents and his election as Leader of the Liberal party in the first round with 80% of the vote came as a surprise, like his quick rise as head of state.”

Éric Saint Chaffray and Grévin’s team of sculptors spent more than 6 months creating our Prime Minister’s wax figure. Justin Trudeau will become the 41st Canadian personality to be featured in Grévin Montreal.

“We are overjoyed and honored to welcome our Prime Minister to Grévin Montreal. His debut is absolutely relevant right now, especially in the context of Canada’s 150th anniversary”, explains Kathleen Payette, Grévin Montreal’s managing director.

It was also important for Tourisme Montréal’s chief executive officer Yves Lalumière to address Justin Trudeau’s debut at Grévin: “As a Montreal native, Mr. Trudeau will leave his mark on Canada’s history as a political figure and as an ambassador of Montreal for tourists”.


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