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Grévin Montreal’s studios


Discover all the secrets behind creating the wax characters at Grévin Montreal. Discover over 135 years of know-how and expertise from France and Quebec!

Creating a wax character


Key figures

To create one wax figure

3 to 6 months of work
150 hours to model each face
5 L of wax per head
500 000 hairs per figure

The secrets to our work

Personal hairstylists to the stars participate in creating their wax characters. Whether for Dominique Michel, Marie-Mai, Stéphane Rousseau or Guylaine Tremblay, personal hairstylists team up with our specialists to create our wax celebrities as true to life as possible.

Grévin’s Expertise

Creating a lifelike character requires many skilled craftspeople. Here are the secrets to making a wax figure, from sculpting to wardrobe:

1 - Sculpture

Several sculptors work permanently for Grévin. The celebrities pose, while many measurements, photos, videos and 3D images are taken, and then their faces are modeled in clay. Their bodies are also modeled in clay. If a sculptor is unable to see the celebrity in person, they work from photographs.

2 - Moulding

Once the sculpture is completed, a plaster and elastomer mould is made. Wax is poured into this mould for the face and resin is used for the body. The hands and feet are moulded freely.

3 - Implants and Prosthetics

Hair is implanted one strand at a time. There are as many as 500,000 on the same head. The eyes are actual ocular prostheses, and often chosen by the celebrities themselves. The teeth are made by a professional prosthetist.

4 - Makeup

Oil paint is used as makeup on the wax components, with acrylic paint for the resin parts. This work is done in meticulous detail to ensure a perfect resemblance, including moles, freckles, wrinkles, dark circles and even scars.

5 - Wardrobe

Period clothing is fashioned in Grévin’s workshop according to historical documents. For current celebrities, very often their personal wardrobe artists offer one of their outfits to Grévin. When necessary, the clothing is made directly in our workshops.


6 - Accessories

The greatest attention is given to accessories, such as bags, hats, jewellery, weapons, etc. Some accessories even belonged to the celebrities. Others are meticulously crafted in the workshops.

7 - Restoration

Everything is done before opening to the public. The hairdresser fixes Celine Dion’s hair, the painter retouches Cameron Diaz’s hands after the previous day’s visitors, the moulding workshop remakes an ear that was tugged on, and the costume designer replaces Stéphane Rousseau’s outfit which was accidentally torn. Everything must be perfect before the public arrives!

Grévin Academy

Claude Deschênes

Claude Deschênes has been with Radio-Canada for 33 years, including 25 as a cultural journalist with Téléjournal. He now covers the cultural scene on his blog, and regularly works with the program Télématin, on the France2 television network.

Herby Moreau

As a host, reporter, journalist, correspondent and cultural columnist, Herby Moreau took his first steps as a production assistant for Julie Snyder at Sortir. In 2009, he launched his own television network, called, and hosted the show District V in 2011.

Joanne Vrakas

Joanne Vrakas has made a career in both radio and television for a decade now. She has been working with CBC News as a local reporter covering a wide variety of topics.

Catherine Pogonat

Catherine Pogonat has been a radio and television host for 15 years and has helped many artists get discovered, thanks to great shows like Bande à part, Ste-Catherine and Mange ta ville.

Josélito Michaud

Josélito Michaud is an impresario, author, television producer, and a Quebec radio and television host. He has been presenting a series of documentaries called L’American Dream on ICI RDI since February 2017.

Marc Laurendeau

President of the Grévin Academy

Marc Laurendeau is a comedian, actor, journalist, professor and a radio and television host. He was part of the comedy quartet Les Cyniques during the 1960s and 1970s, along with André Dubois, Marcel Saint-Germain and Serge Grenier. In the cinema, he appeared in Jacques Godbout’s 1972 musical comedy IXE-13.

In 1973, Laurendeau became Editorialist at the Montréal-Matin daily, and at the same time he was hosting Montréal en vrac, a late afternoon program on CKAC radio. In 1975, he was promoted to Chief Editorialist at Montréal-Matin, where he worked until 1978. From 1978 to 1988, he was a political columnist and analyst for La Presse and hosted public affairs shows on television. Since 1988, he has been a reporter and commentator for the radio at Radio-Canada, the French side of the CBC. Since 1995, he has lectured in journalism at Université de Montréal.

From 1998 to 2013, he reviewed newspaper coverage on a daily show called C’est bien meilleur le matin along with René Homier-Roy.

Geneviève Borne

Geneviève Borne is a radio and television host who works in the cultural and music world. Her great passion for travel has led her to host many travel shows and also direct the film "Jolie Turquie". Also passionate about photography, she has launched three books that combine her passion for photography and for words, including the most recent "Si mes images pouvaient parler".

Mia Dumont

She has worked in media relations for the Grande Théâtre de Québec and Kébec Disc, and then founded Communimage in 1978. Les Productions Feeling, CDA Las Vegas and Céline Dion have been her professional clients ever since. In 2010, she worked with Grévin Paris to complete the Grévin Montréal project.

Monique Giroux

Monique Giroux is a host, author, producer and a figurehead of Quebec culture. She is a passionate advocate for local artists and she encourages, advises and admires those who take risks, who shake things up and who embrace creativity in all its forms.

Robert Vinet

Robert Vinet is a producer, agent, artist manager and restaurateur, and created Gestion, Son Image in 1984. He is now Yvon Deschamps’ business manager, with whom he co-owns two restaurants in Montreal’s Place des Arts.

Rodger Brulotte

Rodger Brulotte is an animator, analyst and print chronicler and is one of the most respected baseball commentators in the country. In addition to being an actor and a privileged witness to the adventure of the Montréal Expos, Rodger Brulotte alone represents more than thirty years of history of baseball.

Thérèse Parisien

Thérèse Parisien studied sociology at the University of Ottawa before becoming a journalist, working with many newspapers, magazines and television programs. On 98.5 FM radio, she regularly covers the arts and performances scene.

The founders of Grévin museums

Arthur Meyer

1844 - 1924

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Arthur Meyer

1844 - 1924

A journalist and the founder of the daily newspaper Le Gaulois, he had the idea of showcasing the celebrities who made the front page of his newspaper in 3 dimensions, to allow the public to finally put a face to the figures who appeared in the news at a time when photography was rarely used by the press.

Gabriel Thomas

1854 - 1932

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Gabriel Thomas

1854 - 1932

Appointed as a director in 1883, this great financier, who went on to promote of the Eiffel Tower and the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, ensured that the Grévin museum was founded on a solid economic structure. He added new elements to the site that would become a precious part of its heritage, such as the Grévin Theatre and the Hall of Mirrors...

Alfred Grévin

1827 - 1892

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Alfred Grévin

1827 - 1892

Humorous cartoonist, caricaturist, costume designer, stage designer and sculptor. He was at the height of his career when he was contacted by Arthur Meyer to create the museum. He gave his name to the museum and was named the artistic director. When the museum opened its doors on 5 June 1882, it was an immediate success!

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