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Can I show my tickets on my smartphone?

For tickets purchased online: YES, tickets stored on your phone can be scanned by our greeters, just like a printed ticket.

For vouchers: NO, vouchers must be printed and presented at the museum’s cashier.

In what languages are guided tours of Grévin Montreal provided?

The information is provided in English and in French.

Is Grévin Montreal air-conditioned?

YES. All rooms are air-conditioned.

How long does a visit last, on average?

The average visit lasts for 90 minutes.

Through what means are explanations of the characters provided?

You will be able to learn everything about the characters thanks to various forms of multimedia, such as QR codes and audio guides.

How do I buy tickets to Grévin?

On our website, directly at the box office (whenever you visit) or through our partners.

Is Grévin Montreal accessible to those with reduced mobility?

YES. Grévin Montréal is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Can I film or take pictures in Grévin?

YES. Have fun! Using a camera or device inside Grévin is permitted. You can take a picture of yourself beside your favourite characters and stars.

Is there free Wi-Fi?

YES. There is free Wi-Fi.

Can I eat in the museum?

There is a lunch area reserved for groups only.

Is there a cloakroom at Grévin Montreal?

YES. We provide a cloakroom service for $2 per coat.

Are there any reduced rates?

YES. Young people, seniors and families can benefit from reduced rates upon presentation of a piece of identification.

Who is Grévin Montreal for?

Grévin Montreal is for everyone, the young and old alike, from 5 to 105 years old.

Do I have to buy a ticket to access the museum’s boutique?

The museum’s boutique is accessible via Eaton Centre.

Can I enter Grévin more than once during the same day with my ticket?

NO. All exits from the museum are final, and each entry ticket is for a single use only. So be sure you have completed your visit before leaving the museum.

Can I bring my dog or my cat?

YES, if it is small, discreetly carried in a bag, and does not pose a risk to other visitors!

What is the price for people with a visual impairment?

People with a visual impairment benefit from free admission. However, despite their handicap, they will unfortunately not be permitted to touch the statues during the visit, just like all other visitors.

Are there washrooms on site?

YES. They are located at the entrance and on the 2nd floor. The washrooms have a changing table.

What methods of payment are accepted at the museum itself?

The museum’s cashiers accept the following payment methods:

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Interac
  • Alipay
  • WeChat
  • WePay
  • OttPay

Is there reserved parking for visitors to the Grévin Museum?

NO. However, the Montreal Eaton Centre’s underground parking is available at a cost of $19 per day from Monday to Friday. This is reduced to $8 after 5 pm weekdays and $8 per day on weekends.

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