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Explore our different spaces and discover some of our leading personalities.

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School and educational outings


Travel through time & space and rub shoulders with the greats from history, politics and culture, as if you were there!

Experience history while having fun

Who was Einstein? What did Jacques Cartier's boat look like? Grévin Montréal is a fun way to learn about remarkable people from both local and international history and culture.

Through our 8 different worlds, young people will discover more than 125 characters from here and elsewhere in a journey that is fun, interactive, and educational. These include the great decision-makers, cultural icons, or key figures in Québec’s history. There's no better way to learn than to have fun while doing it!

Downloadable activity guides

To complete your school visit, Grévin Montréal provides teachers with downloadable activity guides. These guides contain different exercises to perform before, during and after your visit to the museum. They are a perfect way to complement your visit, for any grade level!

Elementary school: Download the activity guide / Download the answer key
Secondary school: Download the activity guide / Download the answer key

Lunch area

There is a free lunch area for groups, which is subject to availability (limited capacity).

Make the most of your visit to the museum


Guided tours

Our guides will share the most important historical facts and the best anecdotes about the more than 125 celebrities found in our museum. Then, take a special backstage tour to discover the making and maintenance secrets behind our wax characters. It’s an entertaining and interactive activity! After finishing your guided tour, you can return through for another visit on your own free of charge.

Wax hand workshop*

**The wax hand workshop is currently closed because of COVID-19 measures.**

Recreate an original replica of your hand in wax and leave with an unforgettable memory of your visit to the museum! There is a range of colours available to personalize your work as you wish. It’s a fun, hands-on workshop in which everyone can express their creativity!

*Some conditions apply.

Conference: Making a wax character

From choosing which celebrity to emulate, to the final unveiling of the wax, this short lecture reveals all the steps required when making a character. This activity includes an interactive component in which members of your group will be able to handle the materials and learn about the wax character design process.

Duration: 15-20 minutes
Price : 30$ per group 

Make the most out of your school trip for a fun-filled day!

Grévin Montréal is associated with other activities near the museum so that you can make the most out of your visit.

Place Ville-Marie Observatory

Admire Montréal in 360° from the Place Ville-Marie Observatory and discover the history of the urban landscape from over 185 meters high. There is an educational tour on the top floor of Place Ville-Marie, an iconic skyscraper, which is sheltered from the weather. Your group will learn more about Montréal and be able to test its knowledge of the city by taking two Quiz 360 challenges.


Complete with fun and educational science workshops.

Learn more

McCord Museum package

McCord Museum celebrates the life of Montréal from yesterday to today; its past, its inhabitants and its customs. The intelligent and thought-provoking museum joins forces with Grévin to introduce seniors and young people to wax statues of characters from New France as well as other contemporary figures from here and elsewhere.

ATRIUM Le 1000 package

This unique indoor ice rink invites you to skate to the lively beat of the music all year long. A huge glass dome overlooks the surface and invites the sun’s rays inside while families, students and tourists discover and rediscover the joys of ice-skating.

AML cruises

Come aboard the Cavalier Maxim in the old port and enjoy an educational cruise discovering some secrets of the river and its wildlife through costumed guides. A DJ is available to turn the boat into a real dance floor for a more playful cruise.

SOS Labyrinth

From May 1st, 2019!

Book now!

Experience this unique treasure hunt by exploring a 2km maze filled with obstacles and traps, patrolled by mischievous and confusing characters. Loads of fun for everyone!

Did you know?

Sculptor, moulder, makeup artist, costume designer...creating a wax character requires the work of more than 20 artists! Measurements, photos and videos are taken during the first appointment with the details are left to chance. When the figure is revealed six months later, the likeness is uncanny!

  • 500,000 strands of hair can be implanted on a head…one by one!
  • Every year, 100 kg of wax, 70 tubes of oil paint for makeup and 5 km of sewing thread is used to make characters.

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*A minimum of 15 people is required to benefit from the group rate.

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