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Scientific workshops

Grévin Montréal and Engineeius unite to offer you a unique experience by combining pleasure and learning.

Energy Master!

Workshop | Duration : 1h30
Theme: Electricity and renewable energies


Children will be able to satisfy their scientific curiosity with this workshop led by the Engineeius squad. Among the most brilliant inventions, electricity is a landmark discovery that is an integral part of our lives. With practical and fun activities, everyone can learn about electrical circuits and different types of connection. An overview of the different sources of energy will teach how to use wind, sun and water to produce electricity. A reflection on renewable energies will encourage the next generation to turn to eco-responsible solutions. The workshops are adapted according to age groups.

Technology Brain!

Workshop | Duration : 1h30
Theme: Coding and conceptualizing game


This is the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of computer language! Coding surrounds us more and more and evolves constantly. Introducing the basic concepts of programming can help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Everyone will have the opportunity to live a fun immersion in the digital world. The activities are designed to awaken a new creative passion or simply to make children understand the reverse of the scenery of their favorite video games or applications. A program that allows you to accomplish different features that will make everyone proud of their achievements.

Space Robotic!

Workshop | Duration : 1h30
Theme: Aerospace and robotics


Robotics is a science that has not finished evolving. It will occupy an important place in a variety of fields such as health and the world of aerospace. The exploratory space robotics workshop is a perfect mix of fun and learning experiences. The world of robots is an excellent tool for motivating children to learn mathematics, science and technology. The children will have the opportunity to participate in a challenge of robots astromobiles or other. The feeling of remote control or programming a robot is an exhilarating sensation for young and old. An important asset for the great explorers of tomorrow.

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