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Deus Ex



Main character in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution video game developed in 2011

Fictional biography


The year is 2027. Former SWAT team agent Adam Jensen is appointed head of security at Sarif Industries. His main task is to protect a group of scientists, including Dr. Megan Reed, who he falls in love with. While Jensen gets ready to set out on a mission a group of mechanically-enhanced individuals storm the facility’s laboratories. The security team is in no way prepared for the attack and Jensen is seriously injured after taking a bullet to the head. In order to save him the Sarif Industries medical team performs multiple operations to replace his arms, legs and most of his thorax with mechanical enhancements. Mid-procedure, they decide to install neural implants to increase his analytical skills. A new star, Deus Ex, is born.


Vidéo : Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer


Vidéo : Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer



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