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October 2nd, 1869 - January 30th, 1948

Political leader, spiritual leader of India and the movement for independence


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian political leader and a spiritual guide of his country. He was commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi—which means “great soul”—and strived to help the poor, the women and the untouchables and, above all, to lead India to independence.

He suffered imprisonment many time for urging people to civil disobedience and applying his Satyagraha theory of non-violent protest. His most famous action was the Salt March, in 1930, when he led a 400 km march to the sea to pick up salt, as a peaceful way of protesting against the Salt Tax. Indeed, the Indians had to pay a tax on salt, but they were not allowed to make salt themselves. Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi on January 30, 1948.

He is known in India as the Father of the Indian Nation. His birthday, a national holiday, has become the International Day of Non-Violence.


Vidéo : INA Archives, Gandhi’s political victory through fasting


Vidéo : INA Archives


Vidéo : INA Archives, Gandhi’s 75th anniversary, in France


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