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Ginette Reno



Born on April 28th, 1946

Singer and actress from Quebec (Canada)


Ginette Reno is one of Quebec's best-loved singers.

She was very young when she first met her artistic manager, Jean Simon, who decided to transform her into a true star. She was put through a makeover, changes were made to her voice, diction, posture, movement; nothing was left to chance. Even her family name was changed. Henceforth Ginette Raynault would be known as Ginette Reno... and it paid off! In 1963, the singer had unprecedented success with J’aime Guy and, in 1964, with Tu vivras toujours dans mon cœur. Success would never leave her again: she began to make international tours, and the rewards poured in.

In 1980, she brought out her album Je ne suis qu’une chanson, which became her greatest triumph as well as being the best-selling album at that time in Quebec.

An artist who began her career half a century ago by singing in cafés, she has become a giant in the Canadian singing world because she proved herself able to move from one epoch to the next without diminishing her passion, her generosity, or her special relationship with her public.

Vidéo : A medley of her best-known songs



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