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Marie Antoinette


November 2nd, 1755 - October 16th, 1793

Queen of France and spouse of Louis XVI


Wedded at 15 and Queen of France at 19, Marie Antoinette is an iconic figure in French history. Originally idolized for her freshness, then hated because of her extravagant spending, Marie Antoinette is seen, even today, as a spoilt and capricious queen.

Distancing herself from the pompous etiquette of the Royal court, she felt more at ease in the Petit Trianon, a small castle in the grounds of Versailles, where she could enjoy the pleasures of a simple country life. While really enjoying freedom, she was nevertheless a great show-off, who devoted a great deal of time to clothes and fashion. Advised on a daily basis by her seamstress, dressing up became a constant concern, and she became a showy style-setter. Every time she made a public appearance, those who saw her were more surprised and more jealous than on the previous occasions. But her clothes cost the King a fortune and criticism was widespread, thus emphasizing her unpopularity both at Court and throughout the kingdom.Condemned by the revolutionary court, she died decapitated.

Marie-Antoinette continues to be a celebrated figure, even today, and her style remains an incentive for some of the greatest dressmakers - for example, John Galliano who paid tribute to her on several occasions when he was the Christian Dior artistic director.



Vidéo : Extract from Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette


Vidéo : Trailer for Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette


Vidéo : The history of Marie Antoinette— a video produced by the Château de Versailles










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