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Born on August 18th, 1983

English musician born in Liban


Mika spent his childhood in Paris, but it was in London that he learned music and singing. Suffering from dyslexia, he has to learn everything by heart and he composes his music by ear. Often compared to Freddy Mercury, thanks to the ease with which he reaches high notes, this three-octave range singer introduced the public at large to his madly eccentric world with his “Grace Kelly” single in 2007.

The Grévin in Paris already has a model of the artist and Mika participated in its creation with innate unaffectedness. He took this commitment to heart and had several sittings with the sculptor and the workshop teams, during which he helped them to select the elements that would contribute to building up the model that best resembled him.


Vidéo : Mika singing Rain live at the Royal Albert Hall





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