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Visit Paris, in the heart of downtown Montreal

Until September 5, 2021 (The museum will be closed on September 6 for Labor Day)

Paris arrives in Montreal, for the pleasure of young and old.


We make you travel at a mini price, with our incredible Expo Paris Mini, in the heart of downtown Montreal.

The splendours of the City of Light will light up for you at Grévin Montreal.

The exhibition displays the famous monuments of Paris before your eyes in a breathtaking panorama.

With a detour to the châteaux of Chambord and Versailles, young and old will be dazzled by a gigantic panorama… miniature!

Over 850,000 MEGA® building blocks, and thousands of hours of work, is what these incredible Parisian masterpieces required by the Quebec artisans of Ludovica Miniland.

“Parisian masterpieces always delight and enchant us. Coming to discover these spectacular, and among the most famous, monuments of Paris will add a little magic to your summer. Young and old are sure to be dazzled by this miniature, yet gigantic panorama. Ludovica Miniland’s work is impressive and beckons you to travel,” says Kathleen Payette, General Manager, Grévin Montréal.

The exhibit was designed, created and produced by Quebec artistans from Ludovica Miniland. “Expo Paris Mini took a year to design, over a half a million MEGA® bricks and thousands of hours of work. Thanks to MEGA® who has supported my creativity for the last 10 years! I am convinced that visitors will be as impressed as we are by the pieces, and that the exhibit will be an opportunity to learn while having fun,” said Gilles Maheux, exhibit designer.

“Our mission is simple, empower builders to unlock their creative potential with a quality and detailed product. Gilles Maheux is a perfect example of how our bricks can contribute to the creation of magnificent structures, and we hope that his art will also inspire builders of all ages to play and create more”, said Marie-Elise Belle-Isle, Director, Marketing and Communications of the MEGA® brand.

Looking for a fun outing for young and old, which will take you on a journey while meeting our 125 personalities from the past to the present; come visit us this summer.


Grévin Montréal – The Art of fun! – Montreal Eaton Center

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Grévin Montréal

Montreal Eaton Centre, Second floor
705 Sainte-Catherine Street West
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Montréal, Québec (Canada)